86 Capo, 86 Variety Case - More Coming Soon...

If you're here, it's probably because you wanted some Capo or a Variety Case. But after being overwhelmed by support the last couple of months, our online store is sold out. Scroll down to see what's still in stock!

After a tough start to the year, you all truly caught us off guard. We feel bad that we can't keep your fridges stocked right now, but we're so grateful to each of you for getting us here. 

Now, as some of you may know, we're a little old school in our methods and there's a bit of a pandemic going on. That means it's going to take longer than usual to replenish. We should be ready to start shipping more Capo and Variety Cases just after the holidays

For now, we put together a special Fall variety pack with Alta and Sera, perfect for those of you looking to embrace those autumn spice vibes. We also have a limited amount of Onda still in stock, here for those of you who aren't ready for summer to end.

Erica and I truly appreciate all the patience, support, and love you've shown us. Thank you all so much.

In leisure,

Jason & Erica