Our story

Hi friends, this is Jason. I started working on Casamara Club back in 2017 or so, when I noticed nobody was making the kinds of soft drinks I actually want to drink.

Flavored seltzers are kind of drab and flavorless. Traditional sodas are way too sweet. Every hot, new wellness drink is more interested in fixing us with shady miracle ingredients, instead of actually tasting good. And all of it completely misses what gets me excited about food and drink in the first place.

For me, what's exciting is farm-to-table restaurants, artisanal breweries, single-origin coffee roasters, natural winemakers, craft distillers, and producers of a lesser known Italian bitters drink known simply as amaro. I looked to those folks for inspiration and approached Casamara Club as a culinary project, focusing on real ingredients and avoiding heavily processed ingredients, zero calorie sweeteners like erythritol and stevia, and those deceptively named "natural" flavors. It took about a year of playing around in my kitchen, but I finally made a soft drink I was excited about.

Erica joined not long after that to make sure we're continually sourcing the best ingredients, finding the best farms and producers to collaborate with, and working out some killer drink recipes of her own (not to mention some super secret stuff that I cannot wait to tell you about).

I hope you're as excited as I am to see what we get up to next. In the meantime, enjoy... 

In leisure,









Jason at Zingerman's

Jason LaValla, Founder & Club President 

Jason grew up in New England, lived in Brooklyn for a while, then moved to Detroit to start Casamara Club in 2017, when he realized he couldn't find a soft drink worth drinking.



Erica at leisure

Erica Johnson, Director of Operations

Erica grew up in the Bay Area, and has been living in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn for about a decade. She joined Casamara Club in 2019 to bring people closer to their food and to each other.