Our story

We make the world's most refreshing leisure sodas, soft drinks for time well spent.

Our bitters & soda soft drinks are balanced, food friendly, and buoyant – a nice frizzante for when you're drinking less or not at all. Inspired by the history and traditions of Italian amaro, our clean, low-intervention approach evokes time and place by highlighting the natural vibrancy of farmed ingredients. 

We make soft drinks you can enjoy thoughtfully and socially, and that you can serve to build community, the same way you might with good beer, wine, or spirits. We want better non-alcoholic options in our bars, our restaurants, and our homes, for ourselves and for our friends. If you do too, we hope you'll join us!


Jason grew up in New England, spent time in Brooklyn, and moved to Detroit to start Casamara Club in 2017, when he realized that soft drinks rarely delighted or surprised in the way a great craft beer, natural wine, or spirits drink could.

Erica grew up in the Bay Area, and lives in Brooklyn. She joined Casamara Club in 2019 to bring people closer to their food and to each other. 


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For us, it's less about recreating a flavor we've enjoyed, and more about conveying the feeling we get when we drink it. We learned early on how easy it would be to collect a sample of any drink we like, send it to a lab, and get back a “natural flavor” replica – but where’s the fun in that?

So, we could tell you all about the moment Jason tried to recreate with Alta – the time of day, where the light was coming from, who he was with, how jet lagged he was, the color of the flowers snaking up the terrace, and what he was drinking. But then again – where’s the fun in that?

We start by extracting each botanical separately in small batches. We taste each on its own, blend together, and repeat until it starts to click. We add juice, sugar, a little salt, and bubbles – starting the whole process from the beginning each time. When we finally hit on something we like, we write up a recipe and look for an independent, small batch soda bottler that we can trust to make it exactly how we want it.

If we do find a bottling partner we trust, we send them our ingredients along with the recipe. And if we don’t find somebody we trust, we just keep looking ;)

Natural flavors are great if you want something cheap, highly replicable, and broadly appealing. Natural flavors always start with a pure extract as their base, before adding in less costly chemical byproducts from plants, animals, and "natural" lab processes. The goal is to make something less expensive, of course, but also to tweak the chemistry of a particular flavor towards a market-tested, focus-grouped ideal of what it ought to taste like, in a way that won't change over time.

We prefer pure botanical extracts because they taste more alive, more vibrant, and more delicious. This means our flavors are ephemeral, and continue to evolve and deepen after bottling. You might even notice minor variations from batch to batch, and we hope that you do.

Real, farmed botanicals are not the same every time. The menus at our favorite restaurants are not the same every time. Why should our drinks be any different?

Finding our preferred balance between bitter, sweet, and tart usually calls for a touch of fancy sugar. A few grams is just right to round out some of the subtler botanical notes we’re playing with.

We enjoy plenty of drinks sweetened only with juice, but (unsurprisingly) those drinks tend to taste a lot like juice! We try to add just enough juice to give tartness and enhance the botanicals, without being overpowering.

We usually to prefer to drink our leisure sodas on their own, but check out our Recipes page for a few mixing suggestions.

We always serve our drinks cold, but you can store them at room temperate.

Jason came to Detroit in 2017 to start Casamara Club, and still lives there today. Erica is based in Brooklyn.

Like a lot of our favorite craft producers, we produce nomadically. That means we're a small operation, without a bottling facility of our own. Instead, we look to partner with independent, small batch soda bottlers – and only work with people who we trust to make our drinks just the way we like them.

Check out our Find page to see a constantly updating list of shops, bars, and restaurants that carry our soft drinks.

Check out our Find page and scroll down for a constantly updating list of the wholesale partners we work with across the country. If you don't see your region listed and want to become a distributor partner, please send an email to jason[at]casamaraclub.com.