Our story

You may have heard we make the world's most refreshing leisure sodas from amaro bitters & sparkling water so you can drink when you're not drinking. But if you're more interested in the "why" than the "what," you've come to the right place...

It started when we noticed that when we wanted something non-alcoholic to drink, our options were kind of limited. Flavored seltzers are kind of drab. Traditional sodas are too sweet. And so much of what we see on grocery store shelves is aimed at promising a magic remedy, at the expense of flavor.

So we looked to our favorite farm-to-table chefs and bartenders, artisanal brewers, natural winemakers, single-origin coffee roasters, and craft distillers for inspiration. And what we found in common among all these folks is an abiding respect for the agriculture that makes their food and drinks possible.

That's why we strive to make our soft drinks in the same way, with a focus on highlighting and celebrating farmed ingredients. We don't use "natural flavors," which tend to rely on all sorts of chemical manipulations that don't seem quite "natural" to us. Nor do we use artificial sweeteners or preservatives. We stick to the basics, and let our ingredients do the talking.

In short, our goal is to change the way the soft drinks industry operates, and broaden people's ideas of what a soft drink can and should be. 

In November 2018, we delivered our first few cases of sparkling amaro soft drinks to a few bars, restaurants, and shops around Detroit. For those initial offerings we drew inspiration from the history and traditions Italian amaro, a bittersweet, botanical liqueur.

A year later, we released the first entry in a continuing experiment: a single origin, farm-to-table soft drink made exclusively with produce from Fisheye Farms in Detroit. We blended butternut squash juice with extracts from cardamom seeds, roots, and flowers; arugula roots and flowers; and dill roots and flowers. This particular drink was available for one night only, but we're working on making offerings like this locally available on a more consistent basis.

Finally, it's worth saying that we know that what we're doing isn't for everyone. But it's been incredibly heartening to see so much support resonating from many of the same folks who inspired us in the first place. We're excited to be a part of their movement, and we hope to bring more friends along with us. If you're already part of it, we thank you for everything you've done so far. And if you'd like to join us, I think we might just have to say it...

Welcome to the Club.


In leisure,

Jason & Erica








Jason at Zingerman's

Jason LaValla, Founder & Club President 

Jason grew up in New England, lived in Brooklyn for a time, and moved to Detroit to start Casamara Club in 2017, when he realized he didn't know what to drink when he wasn't drinking.



Erica at leisure

Erica Johnson, Director of Operations

Erica grew up in the Bay Area, but has been living in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn for about a decade. She joined Casamara Club in 2019 to bring people closer to their food and to each other.