Our story

We make the world's most refreshing leisure sodas from amaro bitters & sparkling water. 

Our sparkling amaro soft drinks are extra dry, easy drinking, and food friendly. Inspired by the traditions of Italian amaro, we use a clean, low-intervention approach to evoke time and place by highlighting the natural vibrancy of farmed ingredients. 

We make botanical soft drinks to enjoy thoughtfully or socially, as you might with a beer, wine, or cocktail. That's because we want better non-alcoholic options for our bars, our restaurants, and our homes – for our ourselves and for our friends. If you do too, we hope you'll join us.

And in the meantime, drink leisurely...








Jason at Zingerman's

Jason LaValla, Founder & Club President 

Jason grew up in New England, lived in Brooklyn for a time, and moved to Detroit to start Casamara Club in 2017, when he realized he didn't have many great options for a drink when he wasn't drinking.



Erica at leisure

Erica Johnson, Director of Operations

Erica grew up in the Bay Area, and has been living in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn for about a decade. She joined Casamara Club in 2019 to bring people closer to their food and to each other. 






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