the leisure diaries, vol. 4 — "when a mystery vegetable appears"

In this week’s Casamara Club leisure diarieshead of production Erica talks to founder Jason about rekindling her relationship with cookbooks, and the art of trying, even when you have no idea where to start. Warning for additional gardening content.
Hello Jason, 
Can you believe that January has nearly slipped through our fingers? It's already been two weeks since I gave up on all of my New Year’s resolutions, but that’s my business. Here’s how I’ve been spending my time instead:
  • Still cooking, of course. Mostly for survival, but occasionally for the fun of it. A mutual friend of ours introduced me to Eat Your Books, an online cooking community and recipe index that is basically a search engine for your cookbook collection. It's quite the resource when you don’t have the time or energy to browse through each one, and has been really handy when a mystery vegetable appears in my CSA box. You can add up to five books or magazines to the free version, but if you (like me) have been hoarding cookbooks like they will keep you warm at night, the paid version is well worth it. 
  • I’ve been enjoying the handful of Grand Designs episodes (streaming on Netflix and Channel 4). Each follows a couple determined to build their dream home from scratch, with no experience, on impossible landscapes, and navigating "historic district" bureaucracy. It’s thrilling! If anyone knows where the remaining seasons are streaming, please drop a line. 
This weekend I’ll take your lead and plan my garden. Seed Saver’s Exchange is my favorite place to start. As is assessing what worked last year and trying to improve the things that did not without being judgy. A process. Be kind to yourself this week.
In leisure,


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