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The Casamara Club Story

Erica Johnson and Jason LaValla, creators of Casamara Club leisure sodas
Head of production Erica Johnson (left) and founder Jason LaValla (right).


Hi, I'm Jason and I started Casamara Club in 2017. There weren't enough fun, interesting non-alcoholic options around, so it was hard to choose anything but alcohol at the end of the day.

When I want to wind down, the first thing I do is look for a drink. But while there are so many fun, complex alcoholic drinks out there, the options for good drinks without alcohol are still relatively limited.  

The project started in my kitchen, building up a collection of dozens of homemade botanical extracts; learning to blend and make bitters and amaro; and eventually creating the recipes for our original lineup of leisure sodas to remind me of Italian vacations and leisurely happy hours. Those kitchen recipes are the same recipes you can drink today.

There are now a few of us on the team. Erica Johnson joined me on January 1, 2018, and is now our head of production. She spends her time sourcing the best ingredients, and just created two brand new leisure sodas inspired by her own vacation memories. Jenny Austin is our sales director. She came aboard in 2021 to focus on getting our drinks into the kinds of bars, restaurants, and shops where we ourselves want to spend time. Mike Van Hall doesn't really have a title, but he's been here from the beginning, operating in the shadows and designing the labels that bring our recipes to life. Mostly he helps us stay fun and weird.

We're doing our best to make it easier to choose non-alcoholic drinks. We hope you enjoy.

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