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The Story

Hi, I'm Jason and I started Casamara Club because non-alcoholic drinks shouldn't taste like an afterthought.

Every day after work, I would check the bar and then the fridge. The options from behind the bar were endless. There was craft beer, fancy wine, and anything you needed to make myself a neat drink or a fancy cocktail. In the fridge, the choice was much more limited. Do you want a probiotic health drink, a naturally essenced seltzer, or milk? (Sick.)

So I started tinkering in my kitchen, first alone and then with friends. The goal was to make drinks without alcohol taste just as special and transportive. The recipes were simple at first, but soon enough I was making my own tinctures and extracts to create the exact flavor combinations we wanted to drink. I spent months and then years honing my pallet and learning to blend, building a collection of dozens of homemade extracts.

Eventually I found my way to the recipes for our Amaro Club Sodas, inspired by my love for Italian leisure drinks. Those kitchen recipes from 2018 are the same recipes you can drink today. (Okay, so maybe we added a bit more lemon juice to Onda back in 2019, but you're not going to hold that against me.)

I hope you enjoy our leisure sodas, of course. But what I really hope is that they can help, for a moment, to bring you back to wherever you want to be.

In leisure,