Our Story

Hi, we're Jason and Erica, the founders of Casamara Club.

We like to end a long day with a crafted, considered drink.

For a long time, that meant reaching for a drink with alcohol. It's so easy to find the delicate flavors and aromas we crave in a cocktail, fine wine, or craft beer. But it's so much harder to find top quality drinks without alcohol that have been crafted to let our minds to relax and wander. 

That's why we decided to make our own. 

We spend months developing each recipe. Tinkering away in our kitchens, extracting and blending real botanicals to craft unique flavors and aromas. Every single element is minimally processed in small batches and carefully sourced.

We do this because we think non-alcoholic drinks should be as sophisticated as a cocktail, and as much fun as a soda.

We do it because it should be easier to delight yourself (and your guests) with a non-alcoholic drink. 

We do it because we like it. Because it's fun. And we hope you like it too.

In leisure,
Jason & Erica