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What Makes Our Leisure Sodas Special

We like to relax with a good drink, but we don't always want alcohol. 

And while it's easy enough to find premium alcoholic drinks that taste great and feel fun, special, and relaxing, there have never been enough options for top quality soft drinks.

That's why we make our own...

Erica Johnson and Jason LaValla, creators of Casamara Club leisure sodas
Head of production Erica Johnson (left) and founder Jason LaValla (right).


Each of our drinks starts with real ingredients, sourced from all over the world, minimally processed in small batches. There are no industrialized “natural flavors” or alternative sweeteners in any of our drinks – no stevia, no monkfruit, no aspartame, no erythritol. We prefer real botanical extracts because "natural flavors" end up tasting pretty artificial, as if their edges have been sanded down for mass appeal. We use real ingredients because they have character. They can still surprise us.

We work and rework our recipes for months, searching for new, unique flavors and aromas somewhere on the border between familiar and truly extraordinary. We carefully adjust the balance of ingredients one drop at a time, until they start to meld and twist, taking on a life of their own. That's how we know we’ve found something special enough to share with you. 

We do this because we think soft drinks should be as elegant and as precisely made as any good glass of wine, beer, or spirit – and as playful as a soda.

We do this because it should be easier to delight your guests with a non-alcoholic drink, and to treat yourself just as well. 

We do this because we like and it's fun. We hope you like it too.

In leisure,
Jason & Erica


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Based on 44 reviews

The restaurant Frances in San Francisco had this as a non alcoholic bev. This was perfect with food. I am on m’y second case. Love it! Like wine, it is brilliant for clearing your palate between bites. It’s also great on its own wIth a slice of tangerine.

easy to drink and really interesting

I see casamara club a lot around the city of Detroit either in coffee shops or as a really great popular alcohol free option at bars. Whenever Im actively sober Its nice to purchase the variety pack to distract myself from wanting a beer or seltzer at night while watching t.v. All of them are easy to drink and give a really interesting take on the herbal and natural fruit flavors of amaro that I really love. (The como is light and minty and its really refreshing at any time of the day, its my recommendation.)

Love these interesting and tasty n/a beverages!

I found them while researching for a pregnant friend a couple summer ago, and treat myself to an online order every now and then. I love amaro as a category and these are a standout for people looking for something different to drink. If you like herbal and refreshing tastes, these are for you. I like to bring a couple bottles around to friends who don't drink as a host/ess gift too, and have converted a few people that way.

Good, not too sweet

So glad to find a mock tail that's not too sweet

everything I miss about a bitter cocktail

I regularly do "dry spells" where I go 3-4 with no alcohol as a reset for my body. The Como sodas are everything I miss about a bitter cocktail and are great in the can or over ice with some citrus!

These Amaro sodas are so so delicious.

They are my non-alcoholic beverage of choice, and I love all the flavors (with a slight preference for the Alta). Im so thrilled to see them in cans now.

This is great to drink alone and use as a mixer.

It's very refreshing to see a company make drinks out of botanical herbs. Low sugar as well!

These are so good

These are the best NA drinks I've found so far. They're complex, light, interesting...and somehow just feel like you're drinking something special, which has been great to replace my former post work cocktail or drink. They're sort of a light spritz and if you like bitter and botanical things, I highly recommend giving these a try.


I wasnt sold on the products at first because I wasnt too familiar with amaro flavors at the time. It became an acquired taste and I can confidently say I LOVE them! They make great drink mixers or stand-alone refreshments if youre going sober or want something different than soda or other carbonated beverages out there. The packaging is well designed, and Ive become a very loyal customer.


I first had Casamara when I was pregnant and missing out on having a glass of wine - I fell in love with it!

The best

The best leisure soda I've ever consumed.

10 out of 10

These are really amazing. My go to when I want something bubbly and fun. Perfect for poolside or anytime.


These are THE N/A soda. I will never get over how good they are. Como is my absolute favorite.


Every flavor is refreshing and well balanced. Highly recommended!

Nice, dry drink

Delicious! Dry and not too sweet. I think it would be nice with a NA gin like Seedlip, too.

great non-sweet soda in a cute bottle

These are good! Refreshing before a meal or soothing afterward. Mild herbal-salty kick but very light overall.

Interesting Drink

Really liked this drink! I would say its more spice forward than strawberry - not very sweet / fruity, but easy to drink and with a unique taste. The first few sips felt like they didn't have much flavor but the more you drink, the more the flavor comes out. It's got layers! Overall it was a good experience and I'm glad I tried it. Also love the packaging, looks very chic. Would definitely buy it again!

A really tasty zero-proof option.

Like fancy bitters and soda!

Really refreshing

Casamara Club has become the only soda I drink. I'm partial to Onda but each flavor is unique and offers up something a little bit different so I tend to go with their variety pack. These sodas are really refreshing to drink on their own and are a perfect substitute if you're not drinking but I can’t discount the fact that they’re easily the best mixer I’ve ever come across. 10/10 thumbs up.

My wife loves them

I get these for my wife and she absolutely loves them


I heard about these on Daily Detroit. I popped into Rocco's in Midtown to pick up one of each flavor. This is what soft drinks are missing. I have wanted a drink that would make you think. It hits so many different parts of the pallet, is refreshing, and light. It's better than any other flavored water I have had. It's something that I can enjoy in a social setting and not feel like I' missing out by not drinking alcohol. Thank you for developing this drink! I am excited for what's next! I want to to help get this in every bar and store. We need better alternatives to alcoholic beverages to enjoy socially.

Best Drynuary Ever

I made it all the way through for the first time, thanks to these amazing drinks! I was trying kombucha and doing my own thing with seltzer and lemon/lime/bitters, but these are by far my favorite. Can't wait to keep drinking more of them throughout the year. Thanks for making such a delicious beverage. Hope you are able to expand to more places in California!


Happy to have found a booze freeze savory drink that I can have in place of a cocktails!

Variety Case, Italian amaro leisure sodas
Madeleine Cartwright Andrews

TEN STARS! As an alcohol industry professional who gave up drinking alcohol -- I absolutely could not be more enthralled with Casamara Club!!! For a non-alc beverage to offer this kind of herbal complexity and character is rare & wonderful. Not to mention the beautiful branding/marketing. Been shouting about Casamara Club from the rooftops!!! Can't wait to order another case!!!