Our Story

Hi, we're Jason and Erica, the founders of Casamara Club.

We started Casamara Club because when we're having a long day, we like to reward ourselves with a well-crafted, considered drink. And since craft beer and cocktails all day long just isn't an option, we imagined a new world, one with delicious drinks crafted for pure indulgence but made without alcohol.

We tinkered away in our kitchens for years, honing our skill at crafting botanical ingredients into delicate recipes, thoughtfully blending unique flavors and aromas until we land on the perfect mix of cocktail sophistication and soda pop fun. 

We do it this way because when each element is minimally processed in small batches and carefully sourced, the best tasting soda is far less sweet than anything else on the market, so we really can drink it all day, everyday.

We do it because it should be easier to delight yourself (and your guests) with a non-alcoholic drink.

We do it because we like it, and it's fun. And we hope you like it too.

In leisure,
Jason & Erica