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It's Soda, But Better: What Makes Our Soft Drinks Special

When it's time to wind down, the first thing we do is look for a drink, something delicious that feels special.

But while there are so many fun, complex alcoholic drinks out there, there have never been enough options for good drinks without alcohol. That's why we make our own...

Erica Johnson and Jason LaValla, creators of Casamara Club leisure sodas
Head of production Erica Johnson (left) and founder Jason LaValla (right).


We want to drink something delicious. To us, that means transportive flavors that take us back to our favorite getaways, remind us of the best meals we’ve ever had, and feel like the party doesn't have to end. 

That's why each of our drinks starts with real ingredients, sourced from all over the world, minimally processed in small batches. There are no industrialized “natural flavors” or alternative sweeteners in any of our drinks – no stevia, no monkfruit, and no aspartame or erythritol. Industrial ingredients are too perfect, their edges sanded down for mass appeal. We use real ingredients because they can evolve, surprise, and delight us.

We work and rework our recipes for months – carefully adjusting the balance of ingredients, one drop at a time – until they start to meld and twist, taking on a life of their own. We search for new, unique flavors and aromas on the border between the familiar and the extraordinary. That's how we know we’ve found something special enough to share. 

We do this because we think soft drinks should be as easy-drinking, as thoughtfully made as any natural wine, craft beer, or small batch spirit – and as playful as soda.

We do this because it should be easier to delight your guests with a non-alcoholic drink, and to treat yourself just as well. 

We do this because we like and it's fun. 

We hope you'll have fun too...

In leisure,
Jason & Erica