We love to pair our leisure sodas with a meal, and often prefer to drink them on their own, either straight from the bottle or poured into a glass with a garnish. Occasionally our friends will blow us away with some next level cocktails, but if we’re mixing at home we’re all about keeping it easy.

For that, here are some suggested pairings and easy mixed drink recipes...


Alta makes for an easy aperitivo alongside seafood and small plates.


A spritzy, citrus-forward variation on the Americano that’s bright, refreshing, and easy drinking.

1oz Carpano Antico Sweet Vermouth
1oz Campari
3-4oz Casamara Club Alta, to taste

Fill a large wine glass with ice. Combine Vermouth and Campari in equal parts. Top with Alta and stir gently to combine. Garnish with orange wheel.



 Le Capitaine spritz with Capo
Is it really a picnic without Capo? Shown here with a splash of sweet vermouth.

Le Capitaine

A lightly spiced, low-ABV cocktail, Le Capitaine is a little something for when you don’t need much else.

1oz Lillet Rouge, plus more to taste
3oz Casamara Club Capo

Add everything to a chilled rocks glass filled with ice and stir briefly. Top off with more Lillet Rouge, if desired. Garnish with an orange twist.



 Onda with Montenegro
Onda and Montenegro Amaro are perfect side by side, pictured here, or combined in the recipe below.

Buona Onda

A tart, herbaceous spin on a Dark & Stormy.

4oz Casamara Club Onda
0.5oz Lemon Juice
2oz Amaro Montenegro

Fill a chilled Collins glass with ice. Add, in layers, the lemon juice, then the Onda. Stir gently. Float the Montenegro by pouring over the back of a spoon. Serve with a straw. Garnish with orange wheel.



 Sera after dark makes for a nice dessert
Who needs dessert when you've got Sera? Shown here with vanilla gelato and lavender.

Paloma de la Sera

A paloma variation that’s a bit less sweet, and bit more complex.

2oz Mezcal Blanco Espadín
0.5oz lime juice
2oz Casamara Club Sera

Build in a chilled, salt-rimmed Collins glass, then add ice. Top with Sera. Garnish with half a grapefruit wheel.