Cocktails for Leisure Enthusiasts

We always make our botanical amaro club sodas to be enjoyed on their own, straight from the bottle. But if you're looking for a mixer that's more thoughtfully crafted and not-too-sweet, we've got just the thing for you.

Try subbing leisure soda for tonic to make a G&T that's not nearly as sweet. Add a splash to whiskey in place of plain soda water for the perfectly balanced highball. Or try one of our suggested recipes for a fun place to start...


Vibe Check

Who's the Captain Now?

Paloma di Roma


Looking for spirit free cocktails? It's easier than you think...

We created the recipes our Italian amaro club sodas using principles we learned from the best chefs and mixologists — balancing just the right balance of bitter, sweet, tart, and mineral.

That means you can pour a leisure soda into your favorite glassware, along with a twist of citrus peel or a fresh herb garnish, and you've got yourself an easy, not-too-sweet, spirit free cocktail would fit in at any of the top mixology bars or fine dining restaurants in the world.