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Want to stock Casamara Club? We work with craft beverage distributors in the US and Canada to bring you...

A non-alcoholic, not-too-sweet soft drink for those in search of something special.

Fifteen Calories


No Fake Sweetener


Product Info & Guest Education 

We created out sell sheets as an easy resource to help you educate your guests and customers. Each page provides in depth information about our leisure sodas, including everything from pairing ideas to technical specifications.

Want to learn more? You can read about what makes our drinks special or a brief history of amaro, the Italian liqueur that inspires our original lineup, here on our website.

For any questions we haven't answered here, please email sales[at] Jenny or Jason will get back to you as soon as they can.

Direct Fulfillment

For smaller shops with limited storage, or those unable to work with one of our distribution partners below, we work with Webstaurant and to ship direct for not much more than our standard wholesale pricing.

For our best pricing, we recommend signing up with one of our distributor partners below. They allow us to service select markets more efficiently, and save on shipping and handling.

Our Distributor Partners


Lime Ventures 

tele.  415 735 6575 // email. orders[at]


Appointed Imports 



Oath Distributing 


Sarene Craft

tel. 929 360 0825 // email. info[at] 


Prime Wine & Spirits  

tel. 770 582 0115 // email. office[at]


Craft Collective

tele. 617 936 0308 // email. brendan[at]



tele. 734 436 8507 // email. orders[at]


Libation Project

email. office[at]


Crooked Wine Company

tele. 775 473 7654 // email. devlon[at]

New Jersey

Sarene Craft

tel. 929 360 0825 // email. info[at]

New York

Sarene Craft

tel. 929 360 0825 // email. info[at]

North Carolina

Advintage Distributing

tel. 336 313 5011 // email. info[at]


Cavalier Distributing

tele. 513 247 9222 // email.


Provisions Fine Beverage Purveyors  

email. orders[at]

Pennsylvania — Coming this Fall!

Sarene Craft

tel. 929 360 0825 // email. info[at]

Rhode Island 

Craft Collective

tele. 617 936 0308 // email. brendan[at]

South Carolina

Advintage Distributing

tel. 843 225 2005 // email. info[at]


Advintage Distributing

tel. 615 807 1111 // email. info[at]


Flood Distribution  

tel. 512.592.2527 // email. justin[at]


Prime Wine & Spirits


tel. 253 872 4828 // email. sheldons[at]