We put the flavor in flavored seltzer.

It’s not club soda. It’s the world’s most refreshing leisure soda.

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In search of pleasure without overindulgence.

At Casamara Club, we believe that better tasting, more thoughtfully crafted beverages can make our leisure time more pleasant and restorative.

That’s why we make our sparkling amaro soft drinks from real botanicals, pulling inspiration from the culinary world and Italian leisure culture for a better tasting, more refreshing kind of flavored seltzer.



Casamara Club in the News

Casamara Club sodas are superb, botanical, non-alcoholic beverages!

Bon Appetit

Bold, botanical and decidedly grown up.

The Wall Street Journal

Each offers an intriguing botanical profile, while the low sugar makes them crisp and crushable.

Imbibe Magazine

The same pairing powers as a sparkling wine. Pretty much made for cocktail hour.

Domino Magazine

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