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the leisure diaries, vol. 108 "oddball / art-house"

This week in the leisure diaries, Jason somehow has one recommendation for each major streamer except Disney+ (but if you need one, check out Fire of Love). Hi Erica,  How about them Tigers? I didn’t pick Princeton for the upset, and my March Madness bracket is already a disaster, but no one’s eavesdropping on these letters for my thoughts on sports. We’ve got bigger leisure fish to fry.   Movies are back! I may have taken an hour-long detour in the middle of Sunday night’s Academy Awards, but after The Last of Us (now streaming on HBO Max) finale left me morally confused and emotionally bankrupt, the Oscars (and Pedro Pascal in the audience – that guy’s really having a moment, huh?) had just enough earnest charm to rope me back in.  Everything...

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the leisure diaries, vol. 80 “a little knife for the cheese"

This week in the Casamara Club leisure diaries, Jason should probably relax.  Hi Erica,   I've seen a few good horror movies in the last couple of weeks (Watcher, You Won't Be Alone, and You're Next), but today I'm here to talk about sandwiches.    Soon, I'll start my weekend as one should, by driving to the Japanese bakery in the suburbs so I can get a loaf of shokupan for my Saturday afternoon BLT. Specifically, I'm on the hunt for a milk bread, because I am so dang tired of watching people squander all their sandwich potential on rustic, crusty breads. A good shokupan is light and fluffy, yet flavorful enough to complement what's inside. Even plain old sliced white bread as sandwich bread works fine for me (as long as...

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