the leisure diaries, vol. 49 “are we doing a gift guide?”


What a week it's been! It was so nice to see you in Detroit for the first time in two years. Between Clique DIner, Mudgie's, KieslingBatch Brewing Company, and Anthology Coffee, I think we did a great job getting you to some old favorites, and a couple of new ones.

Speaking of Anthology Coffee, they're coming to the end of a very cool project that's been a huge part of my leisure this past year — and they're celebrating with a new release that I think makes a really good gift. (Are we doing a gift guide now?) Each month, they've roasted and shared a super special coffee as part of their "Garland" collection. Some showcase hard to find varietals or unusual processing methods, All are from specific farms and washing stations in way that goes well beyond the typical "single origin" labeling. Now they're doing The Complete 2021 Garland, which comes with about two servings each of all twelve coffees.

I'm also curious about the new sodas! It's a strange thing we do, at the intersection of creativity and commerce — and there are a whole lot of ways to measure and celebrate an accomplishment like this. I know we've had a million conversations over the past couple years as you've played and experimented with flavors, concepts, and stray thoughts about leisure. But there are still a couple of things I haven't asked you yet.

What are you hoping to get out of this? 

How are you planning to celebrate?

When we first launched, I don't think I gave myself enough space to reflect and enjoy it. This time around, I hope we can change that.

In leisure,

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