the leisure diaries, vol. 3 — "truly incredible stuff"

In this week’s Casamara Club leisure diaries, founder Jason talks to head of production Erica about Sterling K. Brown, and how it's probably better to feel something than nothing.

Oh boy...

Erica, I feel like I just got off a rollercoaster. It’s been a long, strange couple of weeks, but leisure sleeps for no man. Here's how I've been enjoying my time:

  • I've started to plan my garden, which for now means browsing seed selections from nearby farms, and daydreaming about tomato varietals. The Mortgage Lifter and the Green Zebra are two early favorites, but I’m new to gardening and would love to hear what you and our readers think. What should I plant?

  • I already sent you this article, “How Nothingness Became Everything We Wanted,” from the NYT Magazine, but you haven’t texted me back yet, so… The trend toward disengagement and “turning off our brains” in marketing is troubling. You and I talk a lot about how we want our drinks to do the opposite, helping people feel more present and connected. I wonder what more we can be doing to make that a reality.

  • I feel a bit exposed sharing this here, but we’re all friends right? This Sterling K. Brown bodyweight workout came up on a podcast the other day, and it’s so good – the perfect indoor cardio circuit for winter months. And if you thought my Portrait of a Lady on Fire mention was late last time, allow me to do you one better and ask – have we talked about how good SKB is in Waves (streaming on Showtime)? Truly incredible stuff from my guy.

That’s all for now. I’m exhausted.

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