the leisure diaries, vol. 6 — "truly messy"

In this week’s Casamara Club leisure diarieshead of production Erica talks to founder Jason about a perfect television show, the science of fear, and fish soup.

How ya doing? Fine? Sure, me too. This week, I wanted to watch a documentary or something equally high brow (an opera?), to show off for our readers. Here’s what I’ve been up to instead:
  • I've been consuming a steady diet of reality TV, mostly Below Deck Mediterranean (Bravo). At it’s core, this is a workplace drama focused on the day-to-day of a super yacht crew voyaging on the high seas. They work overtime to provide super rich guests with once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and by night are… truly messy. A delight. Come for the vacation escapism, stay for the hijinks.
  • I’m also reading Eve Holland’s book Nerve, about the science of phobias. She details her journey to overcome her own fears while grieving her late mother. She can be an unreliable narrator at times, working through a fear of heights, while exclusively spending her leisure time mountaineering. But the memoir told alongside the science gives the research real world context and makes the work read like a novel. 
  • I’ve been making variations of this fish soup by Molly Baz (formerly of Bon Appetit, you know I already preordered her cookbook). Simple enough for days when cooking dinner feels impossible, and so comforting through the snowstorms of the last few weeks. 
Take it easy out there.
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