the leisure diaries, vol. 8 — "a masterclass on the opposite"

In this week’s Casamara Club leisure diaries, head of production Erica talks to founder Jason about music, movies, and a real-life corporate dystopia.
Hey Jason,

For me, this week was better than the last. The sun came out and the snow melted to the edge of the sidewalk, inspiring a long indulgent run between boroughs. I was grateful for every moment of it. Here are a few other ways I’ve been spending my time:
  • A friend introduced me to Sam’s Jams, a compilation of all the music Sam Beaubien spins on the radio broadcast of Culture Shift (WDET). With a nice mix of funk, jazz, soul, and a ton of other complementary genres, it’s become my go-to playlist for a mood lift or impromptu dance break between emails.
  • Managed to step away from my Real Housewives habit to watch a couple of movies this week. Wholeheartedly agree about the performances in Judas and the Black Messiah. I felt similarly about the ensemble in One Night in Miami, another slice-of-life biopic reimagining the night Mohammad Ali became the boxing champion of the world. Regina King did her thing behind the camera, and it was a beautiful film overall.  
  • Still waiting in the library queue for this book about WeWork, but in the meantime I’ve really enjoyed the Foundering podcast on the company’s rise and fall. We talk a lot about the kind of business we’d like to be, and occasionally those insights are informed by considering the opposite. This might be a masterclass on the opposite.
Wishing you and our readers an even better week.

In leisure,
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