the leisure diaries, vol. 9 — "a trench coat in every scene"

In this week’s Casamara Club leisure diaries, founder Jason talks to head of production Erica about what it takes to be an indie darling.
Hi Erica,
I know it's not officially spring yet, but I feel like we've rounded the corner. I have one window at home that gets great light in the afternoon, and mostly I just want to sit in that sunbeam. Here's what else I've been up to...
Have I mentioned how much I love the Criterion Channel? This week, I watched Chungking Express, the dreamy, romantic Hong Kong indie that inspired everyone from Quentin Tarantino, to Sophia Coppola, to Barry Jenkins. Then I listened to a recent episode of the Unspooled podcast, about the ingenuity, creativity, and collaboration that went into making such a beloved film on such a small budget. (One character wears a trench coat in every scene because the actor was shooting another movie nearby, but didn't have time to change out of her wardrobe.)
I also have to recommend this interview with another 90s indie darling, Ethan Hawke, on The Watch podcast. (The way he answers their last question, about whether he's selling out by doing a Marvel TV show, is *chef's kiss* good.)
Given all the exciting collaborations you and I have been working on recently, I'm wondering if we'll soon be the indie darlings of the "adult non-alcoholic beverage" (aka leisure soda) category. What do you think?
In leisure,
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