the leisure diaries, vol. 10 — "spring optimism"

In this week’s entry to the leisure diaries, Casamara Club head of production Erica talks to founder Jason about a fated funk duo and whether traveling is a state of mind.


This week has flown by, and by Monday, we will have earned an hour of evening sun. My neighborhood is buzzing with early spring optimism. Other than taking advantage of a warm couple of days, here’s how I’m spending my time:

Watching all the travel series instead of actually traveling. Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy is beautifully shot, and focuses on the specificity of each region’s food culture. The Naples/Amalfi coast episode is a favorite so far. I also enjoyed Eater’s Guide to the World. If listening to Maya Rudolph assert the joys of dining alone at a bar in the Pacific Northwest sounds good to you, dive right in. Duh, of course it does.

Dancing to the first single from Silk Sonic (on repeat), a collaboration that makes so much sense we should have seen it coming. Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars duet like they’ve been on the road together for years, and will be performing live at the Grammys this weekend. I hope people receive our upcoming collaborative projects with a similar sense of fortune.

One last question before we start the weekend: Have you started the seeds for your garden yet?

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