the leisure diaries, vol. 7 — "with apologies to Kevin Costner"

In this week’s Casamara Club leisure diaries, founder Jason talks to head of production Erica about... whatever.



This has been some week. Sure I've got heat, electricity, and plenty more to be grateful about, but that's for another newsletter. This week, I'm claiming this space for myself and for anyone feeling that prickly, vacant mid-winter feeling, as I share a bit about how I've whiled away my leisure time:
Judas and the Black Messiah (streaming on HBO) is one of the most engaging biopics I've ever seen. Did Siskel & Ebert ever give more than two thumbs up? I would if I could.
Last week, you mentioned you were comfort-watching Below Deck Mediterranean. (Very on brand, by the way.) My version of that involves re-watching movies I already love. Knives Out (streaming on Prime) is hardly a year old, but it's already become something I can reliably turn to when another episode of Yellowstone sounds like torture.
I started reading How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell, and this quote stuck out: 
"[J]ust as we lose noncommercial spaces, we also see all of our own time and our actions as potentially commercial. Just as public space gives way to faux public retail spaces or weird corporate privatized parks, so we are sold the idea of compromised leisure, a freemium leisure that is a very far cry from 'what we will.'" 
I see a lot of this in the branding for other drinks, as if the primary point of leisure is to make us more productive. If I ever start talking that way about our precious leisure sodas, I hope you'll remind me that I've got it backwards. 
Going to sign off now, before I say something that's going to get me in trouble.
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